About Kjelsrud Dronetjenester

Kjelsrud Dronetjenester is a recently started small company that will offer various services with drones. Kjelsrud Dronetjenester was established in October 2022. Our services can be photography, filming, and inspection. Using a drone is the most optimal way to show your house or property from a distance in the air if you are selling it. The use can be so many. Inspection of buildings, roofs, gutters, and other various heights that cannot be reached by foot. 

I will of course operate within the law, and reserve the right to cancel the assignment if it contravenes the law.
Kjelsrud Dronetjenester is based in Gjøvik, Norway. I can offer services in the Gjøvik area, Toten, Valdres, Lillehammer area, and the Hamar area.

I am a new drone pilot, so for now, my services will be free of charge. All i want is for you as my customer, to credit Kjelsrud Dronetjenester. This is mainly to help me gain more experience. 

I usually work at sea, so this is a small hobby company I do while I'm at home during my spare time. My work rotation is 3 weeks at work and 3 weeks at home.

Feel free to contact me regarding any questions, or to set up an appointment.